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Queen City Whip - Temporarily Closed

All-American diner food

Queen City Whip has a classic lineup of menu items that represent the standard of All-American diner food. Best known for the Whip Classic Burgers, Chili Dogs, and Cheese Fries. These great tasting examples create an authentic All-American atmosphere. With the ongoing support of loyal customers Queen City Whip is now able to expand to a new location at On the Rhine Eatery.

Chef and Co-Owner, Ian Sobeck, although a glass blower by trade, has been working in the food industry since his mid-twenties. His culinary journey started as a dishwasher quickly advancing to a line cook in Seattle. Soon after Ian migrated to California and worked for a food truck service up and down the west coast. This is where he met Colin Patterson and accepted a position back in Seattle to work at Colin's locally sourced restaurant called Sutra. Several years later Ian moved to Cincinnati, where he created the entire menu for the local restaurant O Pie O. Ian's next opportunity was to create a food truck concept from the ground up. He designed a throwback themed food truck utilizing local vendors. Thus, creating the Queen City Whip food truck we all love.


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