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Our Restaurants

On The Rhine Eatery houses some of Cincinnati's chef owned and operated restaurant concepts. These local small businesses produce amazing products day in and day out. Come try some of the amazing food offered at these incredible restaurants at On The Rhine Eatery.

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At Kitchen 1883 we believe in providing genuine hospitality to all of our guests. We have a passion for food and want to share it with you and your family. If you are with friends, your family, or even a first date, we are the place for you to come sit back, relax, and enjoy great American comfort food made from the soul, with rich flavors of new and old-time favorites. Come to our Kitchen when you want a break from yours

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Why Zablong? 'Za' is slang for the best pizza and 'blong' for our unique oblong shape. Chef created sauces, quality ingredients, and HOT high speed ovens bake our gourmet pizzas in 2-1/2 minutes! 8 Signature salads with the same quality ingredients and choice of 4 dressings make our salads outstanding!

DopeLogo2 Circle.jpg

Dude! You just stumbled upon the realio dealio. DOPE! Asian Street Fare has triumphantly returned to the Cincinnati food scene with a renewed focus on legit food as a locale’s dopest storyteller. You’ll be slammin’ as we transport you into the interesting and exotic as each dish makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of an Asian metropolis eating like a local. Experience a little Asian food tourism without leaving your homeys as you enjoy our comforting ramen bowls, crispy dumplings and soft and sweet bao buns. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a newb to Asian street fare, we’re sure you’ll soon agree that

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Cockadoodle doo, motha’ Cluckers! At Decibel, we are LOUD and proud of our Korean Fried Chicken. We started as the “Yet-to-be-Named Korean Fried Chicken Pop-Up” slingin’ that crispy crispy in Kroger’s OTR foodhall. Today, we are two locations strong and lookin’ to spread our wings. So turn out and turn up! We’re ready to feed you some extra-crunchy, mighty-crispified, and always-delicious Korean Fried Chicken.

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